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Fix Your Slice with a Club Fitting

Fix Your Slice with a Club Fitting

Game Improvement Through a Custom Club Fitting

Can A Club Fitting Fix A Slice?

A slice is arguably the most common miss in golf. It’s a shot that’s agonized most of us at some point in our golfing careers. It doesn’t have to haunt us forever, though. A custom club fitting can dramatically improve the accuracy and distance of your drives in several different ways. 


What Is A Slice?

The definition of a slice in golf (for right-handed players) is a shot that starts straight but then veers sharply the the right. A push slice is even worse — it starts right off your intended target line and then goes even further to the right. 


Why Do You Slice?

If you’re slicing the golf ball, it's likely because of your club path. Slicers will tend to come dramatically over the top in their swing, which is also known as a negative club path. Those who struggle with a push slice will combine that negative club path and leave the face angle open at impact.  


Ways To Fix A Slice In A Club Champion Fitting

Anyone who believes that it’s simply the golfer, not the equipment, causing a slice is incorrect. Don’t just take our word for it — even sources like MyGolfSpy have tested and proven through their testing that specifically designed anti-slice driver heads can correct for a slice by 12-20+ yards. In our bays, we’ve found that to be true with models like the PING G430 SFT, Callaway Paradym X, and the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD just to name a few.  


If your issue is a push slice, you may need to adjust the loft and face angle of your club. Some drivers can help cure a slice by being put in the upright setting or adjusting the face angle to be more closed at the address position. Some companies like Callaway or Cobra make this very easy to see on their loft sleeves, usually denoting the “draw” setting by a capital D. 


Some drivers also have movable weights, and those weights can help to minimize a slice if put in the right spot. Moving weights towards the heel of a driver can help close the face and keep you striking the ball straighter. Additionally, shaft and grip play a huge role in reigning in a slice. Smaller grips offer more rotation to help close the face at impact and counterbalanced shafts can produce better strikes and lower trajectories to get straighter, longer shots. 


Ultimately, you’ll work with a Master Fitter and Builder when you come to Club Champion. They’ll explore these options and more since they have over 65,000 head and shaft combos at their fingertips, along with TrackMan to see results in real-time. While swing changes can certainly help, it’s a myth that equipment can’t cure a slice. Come see for yourself at a custom driver fitting!

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